Wiring Diagram Markup and Instruction Service


Wiring Diagram Markup and Instruction Service



In most cases we can mark up wiring diagram sections, and provide step by step instructions for making needed wiring changes needed to interface with our FS90 boards.

This service requires wiring diagram section pictures, and a few tests be completed on site, as well as confirmation of voltages at key points in the system,

Some quick tests:

1. Call the car to the fire floor using the PHI key switch. Does the in car Fire Hat Light remain on after the doors are all the way open?

2. Now put the car on PHII. While holding the Call Cancel button run the doors using the open/close buttons. Do they perform correctly for PHII operation?

3. While on PHII, close the door fully and hold the Call Cancel button. Attempt to set up car calls. Does it accept car calls, or move?

We will need pics of the print sections and voltages for

* Door Zone Sensor/Inductor
* PHII Key Switch
* PHI Key switch
* Smoke Detector Inputs
* In Car Fire Hat Jewel/Light
* In Car Stop Switch. If the In car stop switch drives relays etc., please provide pics of the entire circuit.
* Call Cancel Button. If the Call Cancel button drives relays, please also provide pics of the entire circuit.


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